Thank you for supporting the ministry of Freedom Life! We are reaching our city with God's love...reaching the heart of our city from the heart of our city. Use the button below to give securely online.

When you click the Give button below, you will be directed to our new giving platform.

You can also TEXT  to give!

Text the word "give" to (225) 475-3565  to get started.

Once you set it up, you can simply text a dollar amount to this number when you're ready to give. It's that easy!

Thank you for your generosity. 


Download the Tithely app here: Get App

Secure Giving through

Tithely window

You can save this number (225) 475-3565 in your contacts. Text "Options" at any time to see more instructions. Get started by texting one of the following without quotes:

1) A number to give that amount. Eg: "100".

2) A number and fund to designate your gift. Eg: "100 Offering".

3) A number and schedule for automated giving. Options are Monthly, Bimonthly, Weekly, & Fortnightly. Eg: "500 Monthly".